Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Elements of Plot

Tuesday, November 22

In order to understand a story, it is important to look at the elements of plot. After reading Jack London's "The King of Mazy May," the elements of plot can be identified. This blog entry includes the five elements of plot:

(It is your job to figure out what the elements of plot are and write about each of them here...)


rising action:


falling action:


Character Analysis

Tuesday, November 22

Today, in class, we finished reading Jack London's "The King of Mazy May." Our teacher asked us to create a blog highlighting some information from the book. In this entry, I will list the characters and their relation to the story. 

(I have not listed any information for the characters because you need to do that in your own blog...)

Walt Masters:

Loren Hall: 

George Lukens:

Claim Jumpers (Stampeders):